Vera Wang on weddings

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Having a perfect wedding is the dream of every bride-to-be.
In the palace of love, Vera Wang’s wedding dress is like a Tiffany diamond ring, shining with the light of love and witnessing the eternity of each love.
Every wedding is in its own unique way to interpret the eternal classic tradition, and Vera Wang has been amazed by the bride’s shape, imagination and personality countless 🕙 times. So Vera published her wedding encyclopedic book Vera Wang on Weddings in 2001. This is Vera’s first book and the only one so far👏👏👏
125 photographers, including Paolo Roversi and James Wade, took elegant and moving images for this book, and Vera’s wedding design concept was also displayed wonderfully.
In the book, Vera deconstructs a wedding, mentions “how to choose the yarn that suits her dreams”, and gives a detailed and professional explanation on the fabric, style and function of wedding dresses, such as the difference between structural fabrics and soft fabrics. She also gave many other suggestions to the brides-to-be👰, covering everything from the schedule in the first half of the wedding to the etiquette after the wedding, even including the details that are not easy to pay attention to, such as the making of invitations and the fragrance on the spot.
Picking up the whole book, the simple style reveals a sense of fashion and luxury, and the most important thing is to bring an elegant feeling. The book is based on warm beige, with classical fonts, which adds a little gentleness. Semi-transparent sulfuric acid paper is used on the outer cover and some inner pages of the gentle book, which is superimposed with the image, giving the wedding dress a hazy and graceful image.
A brand that interprets fashion with modern ideas, a wedding dress that shows the perfect outline of women, and a gorgeous wedding that gives the bride the ultimate brilliance. Only the palace created by Vera Wang can give it all!
📖 “Vera Wang on Weddings”
Author: Vera Wang
Published by: HarperResource Publisher
Printed by: Artron Art Printing