The Beauty of Chinese Song Porcelain, Leading the Way!

award of “Most Beautiful Book” 2021
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Song Porcelain, as the pinnacle of Chinese aesthetics, apply the Song Dynasty’s aesthetics of simplicity and understatement to the utmost. Without understanding Song Porcelain, how can one claim to comprehend Song Dynasty aesthetics?
When it comes to books about Song Porcelain, most people would imagine hefty volumes in traditional binding. However, “Song Imperial Porcelain” comes in a stylish acrylic book box with a Klein blue hue. When it stands quietly in a corner, it resembles contemporary artwork exuding classical beauty.
📖 This is a work that combines aesthetics, research, education, collection, and appreciation into one. Designer and cultural relic photographer Li Jie designed scene photography specifically for 50 pieces of Song Porcelain. The photos in the book can be roughly divided into two categories: one focuses on the artistic beauty of Song Porcelain, while the other emphasizes the ambiance of cultural relics. These evocative photos, like scenes from a poem, make people develop an affection for the beauty of Song Porcelain and remind readers that Song Porcelain is not distant from our lives.
📷 In addition to photographic images, the book also provides the most intuitive shapes and outlines of the artifacts, with each item corresponding to a large-scale line drawing. It leads readers to appreciate the beauty of the structural aspects of the artifacts from an industrial perspective, allowing them to feel the Song Dynasty’s preference for simplicity and elegance. At the end of the book, there are explanations of the artifacts, calligraphy and poetry works, and an index of artifact art photos, along with detailed artifact analyses.
🔵 The book’s design is also refreshing, and its aesthetics have received official recognition, being named “the Most Beautiful Book” of 2021! The judges comment reads: “A unique perspective, clever composition, the interplay between porcelain and backgrounds, with a well-balanced rhythm”.
The Song Dynasty followed Neo-Confucianism, and the entire book uses the clear and rational Klein blue in response. Taking a blue book cover from the blue book box, the entire book’s core is blue, expressing the design intention of “the student surpassing the master”.
The book uses high-quality printing techniques, and the full-color design and stunning photography images are excellently presented and reproduced in the book. The spine binding, barrel pages, sculpture base supporting Song Porcelain, and the acrylic book box with a pearl-like cover are all tributes to Song Dynasty aesthetics.
📚 “Song Imperial Porcelain”
Author: DEJI Art Museum
Design: Li Jie
Published by: Phoenix Publishing House
Printed by: Artron Art Printing