About Artron

“Convey the Beauty of Art”

Founded in 1993, Artron Art Group started as a high-quality art printing provider. With nearly 30 years of accumulation in artwork reproduction field, Artron has developed into a platform in the art spread and inheritance field with 3 subsidiaries (Artron.net, Aphoto and Art Printing ) engaged in the mission of serving the people’s art.

Business Sectors

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Artron Art Printing

Artron Art Printing is always focused on professional printing, and providing high-caliber printing, high emulation artwork reproduction services for the customers all over the world. We are committed to provide customers with printing elegance in an artistic way. Just as a great artist can paint the beauty of nature, Artron can print the vision of customer’s imagination.


Artron.net is the largest contemporary platform of art information, artwork society and trading in China, providing art media service and art information services for artists, art institutions, cultural and expo institutions, art auction companies, etc. The Artron Art Index posted here has been recognized as a key reference to the art market’s pricing trend, and a useful tool in the art investment field.


Aphoto helps the photographers or anyone want their creation being touchable to rub the lamp. Relying on POD digital printing technology, the consumers can order their own photography works and albums on the website and deliver to anyone, anywhere.

Cooperative Customers

During many years cooperation with high end customers, Artron has accumulated rich experience in the art printing field, particularly innovated a unique set of technology and procedure satisfying the art printing standards. Our customers include publishers, auction houses, museums, photographers and some branding luxury company.

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