Jin Yucheng: Stories & Scenes

After Blossoms, Jin Yucheng, winner of MaoDun Literary Award, became a painter.
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He is the winner of MaoDun Literary Award, and his novel Blossoms not only became a hot IP, but also was made into a TV series by Wong Kar-wai. He is a “painter who is delayed by writing”, painting romance that words can’t exhaust and reach.
Jin Yucheng, the “The Infiltrator” in the novel world, is a storyteller who is obsessed with “scene and details”, which is the title of his 2022 English album. Jin Yucheng: Stories & Scenes, as the first collection of Jin Yucheng’s paintings, conveys memories and personal experiences in the form of images.
The book contains 200 unconstrained paintings of Jin Yucheng, with the theme of “trees, teenagers, water towns, gardens, horses, books and changes”, recording his daily life. From the scene of going to the countryside, to the Shanghai Writers’ Association, which has worked for more than 30 years, and the Julu Road in Shanghai, which passes through daily commuting, to the fashion models in the roadside window, the indoor balcony and windows …… These painting moments captured by writers make people have the most complicated imagination.
In this beautiful collection of works, lines spread in the pen, but at first glance, there are countless details roaring. The album is planned by an old European art publishing house, with a limited edition of 1,000 copies, each with an independent number and Jin Yucheng seal.
The cover of the album is Jin Yucheng’s work “The Other Side” in 2017, with vivid lines, fantastic shapes, especially bright and rich colors, which means that layers are stacked, from near to far, just like a scene of a future experimental drama. Jin Yucheng’s paintings have rapidly warmed up in the art circle in the past two years due to his uninterrupted creation and exuberant imagination. His paintings, like novels, contain metaphors and philosophies between the lines, which can be read repeatedly.
“A turn-up for the books! ” which is the narrative charm of Jin Yucheng’s paintings.
📚 Jin Yucheng: Stories & Scenes
Author: Jin Yucheng
Translation: Geroge Fleming
Designer:Mariona Vilarós
Printed by:Artron Art Printing