The Works of Qu Yuan

Honors:BEST WORK Award in the APPLIED TYPOGRAPHY32 RGB Category of the Japan Font Design Association, 2022

Excellence Award in the British D&AD, 2022

Award of “The Beauty of Books in China”, 2021

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This book contains all the works of Qu Yuan that can be verified in history, with more than 150 exquisite illustrations interspersed on the inner pages, which were painted by Xiao Yuncong, a famous painter in the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynsty. The printing simulates the effect of rubbings on steles, which has strengthened the narrative atmosphere of ancient books. The text layout of Qu Yuan’s masterpiece the Lee Sao: Suffering Throes uses light blue paper, which forms sparkling water lines through die-cutting. When you read, the text seems to float in the water, flickering in view, which is in line with the poet’s scenario of committing suicide by drowning himself in the river. Centering on the concept of “water”, the designer has created a new scene-experience reading method by unique font design and wavy text typesetting, which made the beauty of poetry jump onto the paper.