Gao Li Feng

Honor: Award of “The Beauty of Books in China”, 2021

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This book is a collection of the works by Gao Lifeng, the deceased artist and founder of the Animation Department of the School of Media, Nanjing University of the Arts. The book contains his paintings, animations, sketches, manuscripts, academic papers and memorial texts of his relatives and friends.


The book only uses 32-cutting papers in size and is mainly in red. The title “Gao Li Feng” is designed in font and presented on the cover made of red handmade paper with indentation technology, making the whole book like a monument, showing the odor of loftiness and respect. The right fore-edge is hand-roughened and sprayed with red on a large area. The upper foredgy margin is red and gilt, which means the culmination of the artist’s brilliant life. The lower foredgy margin uses the electric carving technology and crimson, highlighting the artist’s English name and the years of birth and death, suggesting the destination of the artist in peace. On the inner pages, the designer selected ten different types of paper according to the blocks of content to express the temperament and connotation of different types of works.