History of Kite

Honors: Wood Pencil Award in the British D&AD, 2022

Award of “The Beauty of Books in China”, 2021

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This book is a popular science book about kite. The book is bound by thread, and the word “Kite” on the cover comes from the folk font “blackboard writing”. The spine of the book is covered with a seal, which has mottled and ancient writing. The front gate fold is also very exquisite, showing the elegance of kite incisively and vividly.


The text is in strong Song typeface, presenting a sense of strength like the block printing of ancient books. Notes also follow the form of kites, “flying” on the page. The illustrations are printed on rice paper, with the kite pattern on the front and its bone structure on the reverse. There are more exquisite kite legends hidden in the tube page to play “hide-and-seek” with readers. The whole book is permeated with a strong sense of handcraft, folk customs and games, helping readers to deeply understand the history, workmanship and cultural beauty of kites.