Polo in China

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Polo in China is the first large-scale catalogue at home and abroad that shows and tells the glorious history of ancient polo in China and the development of modern polo.
The book consists of two volumes: ancient and modern. It contains nearly 500 pictures of ancient polo cultural relics in China and modern polo pictures in China. Many precious polo pictures are presented to readers for the first time. The book has written more than 100,000 words to introduce China polo cultural relics and photos as well as vivid polo stories.
This book is designed by Liu Xiaoxiang, the winner of the “World’s Most Beautiful Book” award, trying to express the flowing and exquisite elegance of polo. This book divides the ancient and modern contents into two parts, using classical and modern typesetting methods. The cover uses hot stamping technology to show “a polo club that swings and bends”, and with metal-like paper, it creates a luxurious atmosphere. The two corner cuts at the opening of the book and the time scale line on the middle page reflect the glorious history of ancient polo in China and the century-old development of modern polo.
Polo in China
Author: Wang Jing Chan,Wang Guohua,Luan Yi
Design: Wang Xiaoxiang
Publishing: Cultural Relics Publishing House
Printed by:Artron Art Printing