China the way it was 1978-1985

A photo album takes you to see China in the 1970s

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 “I only shoot ordinary people, and ordinary people are everyone.” Hiroji Kubota is the only Japanese photographer in magnum photos, who has witnessed numerous historical events in his life, but he only loves shooting ordinary people.
His lens is enough to awaken the memory of generations. From the autumn of 1978 to the spring of 1985, Hiroji Kubota traveled almost all over China in 1020 days and pressed the shutter 200,000 times. He lived in the people’s commune, went to the latrine, and took an ox cart with the common people, quietly observed all aspects of China, and recorded China people’s clothing, diet, work, travel and entertainment with the lens.
China the way it was 1978-1985 has selected more than 370 photos in this important photography project “China”, which has caused a sensation in the world. There are not only classic works that have been widely spread, but also a lot of wonderful pictures that have been disclosed for the first time, presenting readers with a China that has sprouted like early spring.
The grand content narrative makes the book’s binding design particularly calm and heavy. The title of the book is written by the author Hiroji Kubota himself using exquisite bronzing technology. The decorative envelope provides special protection, and the protective cover uses ultra-bright film to reverse polish, adding unique luster to the book. The text uses imported matte paper, which is bright in color, restores the original aesthetic feeling, and makes the books spread evenly 180 degrees through sewing hardcover.
Open this heavy photo album, as if all the stories happened in early spring have real footnotes. From those specific faces, we can see the past of the China.
China the way it was 1978-1985
Author: Hiroji Kubota
Publishing: Beijing United Publishing
Printed by:Artron Art Printing