Long Farewell

“The Most Beautiful Book” in 2019

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“In the past, time went slowly, and cars, horses and emails were slow. I only loved one person in my life.”
Open this book Long Farewell, through the retro leather cover, it seems to go back to the old times.
This is an essay collection of philatelists. It is a review, a summary and also a farewell of the author Mr. Wu Guozhang’s life of collecting stamps for more than 40 years. The content consists of two parts. The first part is the author’s stamp-collecting essay, which contains the author’s various feelings in his stamp-collecting career since childhood until now. The second part is memorabilia. In the form of chronology, the author presents the past and present life of stamps in the form of memorabilia, so that readers can see at a glance.
Book design is closely related to the nature, characteristics and text flavor of the theme, and the design concept is carefully applied throughout the book with “stamps” as the medium. This book is designed in a small and thick “notebook” shape, and the format is in line with the proportion of the stamps and pictures in the text. The leather cover is soft and elegant to the touch, and the selected text paper has a very relaxed and pleasant feeling of reading. China post color-green, as the overall tone of the book, is symbolic.
The book fore edge is cut into the shape of a perforation on the edge of the stamp, which highlights the nature of the theme. The design of this book pays attention to the reading experience, avoiding excessive technology and form, with the aim of making this book easy to read at first and beautiful at the same time.
Long Farewell
Author: Wu Guozhang
Publishing: Nanjing Publishing House
Design: Wang Jun
Printing: Artron Art Printing
Honor: “The Most Beautiful Book” in 2019