Classic of Mountains and Sea: Illustrated Collection Edition

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What is the most primitive world in the eyes of the ancients?
Classic of Mountains and Sea, an ancient book in the pre-Qin period, was branded as the book of monsters by Sima Qian, and it is also a good heart that Lu Xun remembers every day! The content is a combination of ancient geography, history, nationalities, minerals, medicine and other multidisciplinary knowledge. It is the pioneering work of China mythology and the inspiration treasure house of countless artists and writers!
Classic of Mountains and Sea: Illustration Collector’s Edition, newly published by chinese national geography Books, is the first traditional painting edition in China, reinterpreting the most imaginative monster image in Classic of Mountains and Sea and rejuvenating the lost Chinese aesthetics.
The book contains 150 colored works of the silk edition of Classic of Mountains and Sea, which vividly restores and shows that “everything is spiritual and beautiful”. Ren Caifeng, a young artist from Central America after 1990, spent ten years. Based on China’s traditional painting techniques, he has integrated modern consciousness into classical painting and recreated ancient mountain and sea maps in a style that has never been seen in the market.
In the text part, Guo Pu’s annotation on The Classic of Mountains and Seas, an engraving of the Song Dynasty, is taken as the base copy, which is matched with Liu Zongdi, a professor at beijing language and culture university Institute of Humanities, to ensure the accuracy of the original text and the cutting-edge and enlightening interpretation.
The binding of the book is also very beautiful, and the gorgeous “mountain and sea” letter cover is matched with the pasted spine, which is very textured. Thread-locked binding, which can be read evenly at 180. The inner page is printed on super-sensitive paper, which has a warm and smooth touch and clear color development. Compared with coated paper, it reflects less light, and strives to restore the delicate texture of silk paintings.
Follow this Classic of Mountains and Seas and open the door to the exotic world together!
Classic of Mountains and Sea: Illustrated Collection Edition
Authors: Ren Caifeng (painting) , Liu Zongdi (translation)
Publishing: CITIC Publishing House
Produced by: Chinese National geography Books
Printed by:Artron Art Printing