Collection of Qu Yuan

“Most Beautiful Book” in 2021
D&AD Book Design Excellence Award of Britain in 2022
Japan Font Design Association APPLIED TYPOGRAPHY32 RGB BEST WORK in 2022
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Qu Yuan is a great patriotic poet in the history of China, the founder of China’s romantic literature, and is called the soul of poetry by later generations.
He asked the sky with ‘Tian Wen’ and asked the universe for the way of truth. A thousand years later, China Aerospace became a famous planetary exploration ‘Tian Wen’ series, and continued to write this Chinese dream of going to the moon!
Scholar Mr. Wen Aiyi, as a fan of Qu Yuan’s culture, spent more than 30 years collating, annotating, translating and commenting on all Qu Yuan’s works, and finally made a book The Collection of Qu Yuan. This book contains all Qu Yuan’s works with historical records, such as Li Sao, Tian Wen and Nine Songs, with a total of 27 articles. There are more than 150 exquisite illustrations in the inner pages, all painted by Xiao Yuncong, a famous painter in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties.
Book designer Zhao Qing revolves around the concept of water, making the binding formal and complicated, and the book is light and textured. Headline fonts swim in the water like fish, just like the soft and powerful part of Qu Yuan’s personality.Book binding adopts plain and elegant traditional color matching, with exclusive title font design and ripple rhythm text typesetting, so that the beauty of poetry comes to life on paper!
Water gently brought out his life, and finally left him in the long river of history with great vigour.
Collection of Qu Yuan
Compile: Wen Aiyi
Design: Zhao Qing, Cao Qingyun
Publishing: Culture Development Publishing House
Printing: Artron Art Printing