Inspired by Innovation: Wan Jie Guides Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication Students on Their Cultural Mission

June 14, 2024






Wan Jie, Chairman of Artron Art Group, delivered a public lecture on “Major Country Publishing” to students of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, emphasizing the importance of technology and art in empowering publishing culture and promoting Chinese culture.

Wan Jie highlighted the dual role of books as carriers of culture and works of art, stressing the need for publishers to embrace technological advancements and artistic expression in the digital age. He urged students to cultivate a strong sense of cultural mission and social responsibility, utilizing their knowledge to contribute to the flourishing of Chinese culture.

Students were inspired by Wan Jie’s passion for culture and innovation, recognizing the significance of cultural inheritance and the power of printing and publishing in shaping national identity. They expressed their determination to follow in Wan Jie’s footsteps, dedicating their efforts to the preservation and promotion of Chinese culture on the world stage.

Mr. Wan Jie

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