Data & Beauty | The 20th Cultural Industry Expo Artron Art Center Session Prepares to Dazzle!

May 20, 2024

Artron Art Group, a trailblazer in the digital realm of arts and culture, embraces a vision of fostering an intelligent and interconnected artistic landscape. Through its innovative approach that seamlessly blends technology and artistry, Artron expands the digital frontier, disseminating the splendor of art. As the 20th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Expo beckons, the Artron Art Center session prepares to unveil its captivating showcase, themed “Data and Beauty,” inviting audiences to embark on a transformative journey through the fusion of art and technology.

Drawing inspiration from the profound wisdom of ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who proclaimed, “Beauty is the harmony of numbers,” Artron delves into the essence of this timeless concept, weaving together the threads of digital technology and cultural artistry. This harmonious union manifests as an immersive space dedicated to fostering cross-cultural exchanges and bringing art to the very heart of everyday life.


Artron Manufacturing Presents: The Most Beautiful Book Exhibition
📍Location: 1st Floor

As the premium Printer for Art Books, Artron has always upheld an unwavering pursuit of “Convey the Beauty of Art”. Over the past 31 years, it has won numerous international and domestic awards, including “The Most Beautiful Book in the World”, “The Most Beautiful Book in China”, American Print Awards, Hong Kong Print Awards, and China Print Awards, totaling 1157 awards. In celebration of this remarkable achievement, this book exhibition will select classic representative books from different thematic categories. The exhibition will fully showcase Artron’s exquisite printing and binding craftsmanship, allowing viewers to experience the fragrance, beauty, and warmth conveyed by paper while flipping through these books.

white book printed with 4 colors


Dream of Red Mansions: A Digital Presentation

📍Location: 1st floor
One generation has its own dream of the Red Mansions, and this year marks the 261st anniversary of Cao Xueqin’s passing. The masterpiece ‘Dream of Red Mansions’ has gone through more than 260 seasons. This summer, Artron will showcase the charm of this timeless classic through various mediums such as digital art exhibitions, illustrated art collections, and exquisite cultural creations, bringing new life to this ancient artistic treasure.

three Chinese women in


Echoes of the Snowy Plateau: A Digital Exhibition of Tibetan Culture and Art

📍Location: 1st floor
This cross-millennial digital cultural feast will take you on a journey to the snowy plateau: the immersive experience area allows you to feel the mysterious beauty of Tibetan mural art; retrace the path of cultural exchange between Tibet and other regions in a digital interactive experience area; appreciate Potala Palace’s magnificence from visual feasts showcasing treasures from snowy regions. Engage in dialogue with history, where you will listen to the echoes of a thousand years.

Potala Palace in snow


The Codices of the Masters: Collection of Handmade Books by Eastern and Western Masters

📍Location: G Floor Book Wall Area
Over a decade ago, “Artists’ Books” was a relatively unfamiliar concept in China. In 2012, with the full support of Artron, “Diamond Leaves: The Art Exhibition of Artists from around the World” held by the Central Academy of Fine Arts introduced people to this art form through an exhibition.
This exhibition, “The Codices of the Masters” , will once again use the unique art form of “Artists’ Books” to display many artists’ books collected by Wang Ji, the author of the book “The Codices of the Masters” , including: Chang Yu, Zao Wow-ji, Andy Warhol, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali and Italian artists jointly created a number of precious original artist’s books. We believe the classic, timeless beauty of the printed book is precisely what needs to be rediscovered in this information age.

paper cutting of leaves in blue


Coffe Table Books: French Luxury Book Exhibition

📍Location: G Floor Starry Sky Restaurant
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, Artron is hosting a special exhibition showcasing a collection of exquisite French luxury coffee table books, including those from iconic brands like Cartier, Chanel, and Dior. Visitors can indulge in the elegance and beauty of French culture while sipping coffee and enjoying delectable treats.

a cup of coffe and a sword in book


Chinese Masterpieces of Calligraphy and Painting Throughout the Ages: Artron Digital Printing Cultural Exhibition

📍Location: 2nd Floor Image Gallery
This special exhibition brings together nearly 30 precious works, spanning over a thousand years, by 16 artists from the Eastern Jin Dynasty to the present day. Curated from the vast “Artbase” collection containing millions of works, these masterpieces showcase the extraordinary talent of past masters. Thanks to Artron’s cutting-edge digital printing technology, visitors can not only appreciate these works up close but also bring home museum-quality reproductions.

Chinese Calligraphy


The Journey: János Fajó and the PESTI Workshop

📍Location: 5th Floor Art Gallery
The exhibition delves into the core of Hungarian geometric abstract art, showcasing a total of 55 representative paintings and silkscreen printing works by renowned Hungarian artist János Fajó and five other founders of PESTI Studio. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Hungary. This abstract art feast has also built an artistic bridge for cultural exchange between the people of China and Hungary.

five pictures on wall


“The Future Concerto” -Artificial Intelligence Concert

📍Location: 5th floor World Art Book Area
If you could play music through a large model, what kind of music would it be? The “Future Concerto”, a collaboration between Artron and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology · HK Generative AI R&D Center, is a music art application under the forefront of international artificial intelligence technology. Through generative artificial intelligence technology, well-structured and complete musical compositions based on conditions such as text, chords, melodies, motifs, and musical forms, offering audiences the opportunity to become composers and to explore the potential of future performances.

sky view