Artron Invites You to the Second BIBF Art Book Fair with Exquisite Handmade Books

June 18, 2024

The Second BIBF Art Book Fair will be held concurrently with and at the same venue as the 30th Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) from June 19 to 23. Themed “Paper Road,” this art book fair brings together new and established forces in art publishing from around the world, presenting art books from diverse cultural backgrounds and contexts. Through the “Paper Road” paved with books, the exhibition aims to lead the audience to pay more attention to knowledge and experiences from around the globe and locally, and to jointly explore and establish a community of book art.

The exhibition site of the BIBF Art Book Fair will be divided into two main parts: the thematic exhibition area and the table exhibition area. The thematic exhibition area “Paper Road” focuses on artist’s books through six sections, exploring the materiality of books and the “book” as a creative medium through historical retrospect and creative imagination from the perspective of plants and nature, using various forms such as plant landscapes, image installations, and documentary materials. The curation will disassemble the creation with the “book” as the medium, and select more than 30 book works by artists/groups from the direction of using the book as a method, from binding to narration, the interactive relationship between books and space, and books and images/performances. Wandering on this imaginative “Paper Road,” the physical attributes of paper, structure, and craftsmanship are no longer confined to the context of decoration, but are rediscovered, studied, and discussed as meaning itself; the author’s concepts and content are attached to the material, reaching the reader through real touch and vision.

The table exhibition area will also present four special exhibition contents, namely “Open Asia,” “The Most Beautiful Books in Switzerland 2021-2022,” “Drifting Library,” and “Book Design in Art Publishing.”

In this exhibition, Artron, as an excellent printing brand, will bring the “Ingenuity – Artron Creation Center Handmade Book Exhibition” of fine book exhibition, the booth is located in Hall C, Floor 4, B23. These books are carefully crafted by artisans and present the classic and eternal beauty of handmade books in various forms.

On the afternoon of June 21, there will be a theme forum in the lecture area of the exhibition site, inviting Professor Yuan Bo, long-term professor and doctoral supervisor of the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Director of the Institute of Handmade Papermaking and Paper Art of the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Senior Planning Editor and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of People’s Posts and Telecommunications Publishing House Xu Duanduan, and Sun Zhishuai, Head of the Process Planning Department of Beijing Artron Art Printing Co., Ltd., to interpret how “Paper Craftsman” is made from the perspectives of editing, publishing, and printing!