Memory Searching of Dances in Talks

Honors: Leipzig Silver Medal of “Best Book Design from All Over the World”, 2021

Award of “The Beauty of Books in China”, 2020

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By excavating and sorting out the oral accounts of more than 50 inheritors of “Intangible Cultural Heritage” dances in Shandong, Memory Searching of Dances in Talks has preserved the most vivid and authentic historical sources, and shown the style of Shandong Yangko Dance, which is included in the China’s Intangible Cultural Heritage.


The middle seams of the book are deliberately sewn with colorful threads, showing rich folk atmosphere. The roughened fore-edge is natural and colorful, showing an original ecological style. 10-gram colorful and soft tissue papers are inserted among the pages, just like the colorful silk of Yangko dancing with the pages. The vivid color pages printed with text and the coated paper printed with pictures enhance the texture and rhythm of reading in strong contrast.