Water: Wang Muyuu Artworks Portfolio

Honors: Leipzig Honorary Appreciation of “Best Book Design from All Over the World (Schonste Bucher aus aller Welt)”, 2022

Award of “The Beauty of Books in China”, 2021

ADC 100th Bronze Cube Award, 2021

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This book is a collection of paintings by artist Wang Muyu. All the works are only painted with wave lines, so the book is named the Water. The book also echoes the artistic concept of “water” in its design: the cover is made of elegant turquoise, and the edge of the cover is cut into waves, just like calm wave lines. When you open the book layer by layer, the text and paintings are separated into two volumes that do not interfere with each other. The folded master volume makes the whole book infinitely elongated, and the ups and downs of the paper are as beautiful as the water plane. The associated volume is made of saddle stitching in wave form, and the index of the text provides readers with a clear reading guide.


From the softness of the paper to the wavy texture of the paintings, the printing of this book seeks for excellence. Artron team has precise understanding of the color of the works, which makes the paintings perfectly integrated with the purified book design.