Spectacular Scenery of Henan

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The Central Plains region is a traditional regional concept of Han nationality, which refers to the vast area extending to the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River with Henan Province in China as the core.During the first 4,000 years of China’s 5,000-year civilization history, The Central Plains region has always been the political, economic and cultural center of China, and more than 200 emperors established or moved their capital here. Therefore, the Central Plain has surpassed its geographical significance and become an image of ancient China and a symbol of Chinese civilization.
This book shows the beautiful scenery and profound cultural heritage of Henan to the fullest. The works cover the three mountains and one river in Henan, namely Taihang Mountain, Funiu Mountain, Dabie Mountain and Yellow River. Taihang Mountain is symbolizing the spirit of the Chinese nation, while Funiu Mountain is famous for its virgin forests and rich biological resources. Dabie Mountain is the watershed between the Yangtze River and Huaihe River, and it is a gathering and model of ecological culture in the north and south. The photographic works of this book often make people feel like they are in a fairyland. Facing these images, we will feel a yearning and awe for nature in visual shock.
For the author Liu Luyu, nature is a poetic existence. The poetic natural existence has been transformed into poetic image expression, which has been perfectly interpreted in Spectacular Scenery of Henan.
Spectacular Scenery of Henan
Author:Liu Luyu
Publisher:China Photographic Publishing House
Printed by:Artron Art Printing