Designed by Apple in California

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This is the only book made by apple so far, which took eight years to compile. It brings together many products from IMAC in 1998 to Apple pencil in 2015, and is sold in limited quantities worldwide.


The book has two sizes, both of which are printed by Artron Art Group. The appearance of linen bound hardcover looks simple and plain, however, it has achieved the ultimate in printing quality in fact: book size error ≤ 0.5mm, overprint accuracy error ≤ 0.02mm, indentation depth and standard sample ratio error ± 0.2mm, text dirty spot diameter ≤ 0.2mm – each value is a challenge to the printing sector.


Artron organized a project team of more than 100 members to achieve the printing of books in two years. The book is made according in criteria of making mobile phones. Every detail of paper and ink hides a story of Artron staff’s perseverance, innovation and change.