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This book is Annie Leibovitz’s first fashion-themed photo album. The book presents more than 350 photos of celebrities, political leaders and athletes, including all walks of life, such as justice Ginsberg, actor Kate Blanchette, dancer Pina Bausch, Queen Elizabeth.


The book reveals Annie’s strong personal style in the minimalist design. The book cover is made of light beige linen, and the dark red title and author’s name are presented in the way of silk screen indentation. The fore edges and fly sheet papers of three sides are sprayed with color, which echoes the title of the book on the cover. Readers can open it to access the emotional atmosphere set by the photographer.


The book uses light coated paper with high loose depth, which gives the image a soft but firm temperament. The inner pages of the book adopt CHROMA CENTRIC color scheme patented by Artron, which not only perfectly presents the bright colors of the works, but also retains its unique texture.