Space-Time Acupuncture

Author: Zhu Miansheng
Designers: Zhang Zhiwei, Zhao Zhen, Yin Yan
Publisher: People’s Medical Publishing House
Printed by: Artron Art Printing
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  • 时空
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Cupping, acupuncture, thermos flasks, and medicated oils… “New Chinese-style wellness” that contemporary Chinese people are all trying. Have you been affected by it? This mysterious Eastern force is gradually sweeping across the globe, especially with the emergence of “Space-Time Acupuncture,” which has sparked collisions and innovations in Western medicine.
Space-Time Acupuncture is a treatment method that applies ancient space-time principles to acupuncture clinical practice, creating a Qi field effect connecting the internal and external. It has shown good therapeutic effects on the increasing incidence of psychosomatic disorders like anxiety and major diseases such as cancer in Europe.
Mr. Zhu Miansheng founded the Space-Time Acupuncture school and authored the book “Space-Time Acupuncture.” In addition to rich and rigorous theoretical knowledge, the book also includes practical Space-Time Acupuncture calendars and compasses, making it a treasure trove of valuable information. While reading the case studies in the book, one can also sense the soft and humane aspects of traditional Chinese medicine.
 Each chapter page is adorned with inserts featuring contrasting visual styles. One part consists of traditional print-style acupuncture point charts, while the other showcases acupuncture case study images. As readers follow the changes of acupuncture points, the tiny silver needles seem to possess magical powers.
The book was masterfully designed by Zhang Zhiwei, exuding the tone of a medical textbook while providing the convenience of a practical tool. The book box and compass packaging use a calm and light gray color scheme, and the book cover is made of comfortable and durable cotton and linen fabric. Additionally, the book is spine-glued, allowing it to fully lay flat, satisfying the needs of frequent and long-term use.
The balance between the firmness and softness of acupuncture is reflected in the dual-color printing representing time and space. The extension of blue from deep to light creates a tranquil and elegant reading atmosphere. The book title is hot-stamped in blue, featuring a specially designed font that combines a seal script feel with easy readability. The layout of the book emphasizes the arrangement and order of content and important information, facilitating the reader’s reading experience.
Amidst the vast sea of medical literature, “Space-Time Acupuncture” is like a small boat slowly sailing from the depths of history, spreading Chinese medicine and culture further and wider.