Seven Days, Seven Nights: Love Like Daylight

Honors: The 66th Benny Award , 2015
Award of “The Beauty of Books in China”, 2018,2020,2021
  • 七天七夜 爱如白昼-36
  • 七天七夜 爱如白昼-68
  • 七天七夜 爱如白昼-64
  • 七天七夜 爱如白昼-43
  • 七天七夜 爱如白昼-95
  • 七天七夜 爱如白昼-76
  • 七天七夜 爱如白昼-7
  • 七天七夜 爱如白昼-81
  • 七天七夜爱如白昼-G
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“Seven Days, Seven Nights: Love Like Daylight” comes in a dazzling fluorescent acrylic book box, yet the interior features a strikingly elegant cover design, showcasing the fusion of classical and modern elements, artistic beauty, and philosophical depth.


The book’s design intricately captures the visual context of the novel. It employs seven different types of paper to depict scenes over seven days 🌗: With three sides of the book depicting the sunrise and moonrise intersecting, readers can flip through the pages to witness the dynamic play of light and shadow, immersing themselves in the experience.