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This book is the latest collection of works by famous photographer Zhang Xiao. The origin of creation of the series “Nameless” comes from the “mobile photo studio” he found in his hometown Yantai: some people took laptops and printers and walked the streets to restore the old photos of villagers into “gorgeous pictures”. The aesthetic changes between the old and new photos stimulated Zhang Xiao to use these photos to create and rethink the “change of hometown”.


Inspired by the work of photo studio workers in image processing software, this book highlights the focus of image “layering” in editing, design and production: the inner pages of transparent PVC materials reproduce the images in PSD format superimposed in Photoshop. After overlapping multiple inner pages, readers will see a complete image, that is, the results of photo restoration, but nobody knows the names and origins of the characters in the photos – they are just carriers of aesthetic interest here.