Forbidden City: The Palace at the Heart of Chinese Culture

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On the occasion of the 600th birthday of the Forbidden City, Assouline, a luxury book publisher, grandly launched the book the Forbidden City. This book was written by Ian Johnson, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist living in Beijing. The book presents more than 100 works of artworks and handicrafts, and contains precious images of the Empress Dowager Cixi, the Emperor Puyi, the Queen Wanrong and other figures, making the whole palace live in the book.


The book is nearly half a meter high and provided with a red book box that looks like lacquer ware. Pull the box cover upward, and the golden silk bound book shows gently. The stone lion metal 3-D paster mounted on the book cover is located in the middle, giving the whole book a solemn and noble demeanor. The inner pages of the book are bound in various forms, and many treasures are displayed in the way of large pages. Some calligraphy, painting, utensils, photography and other works are presented with up to 65 pasters. All the details of the collection are complete, bringing an unprecedented visual shock to readers.