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“In me the tiger sniffs the rose” red envelopes/calendar presented by Artron × Designers


On the occasion of the Tiger year, Artron sincerely invited 12 designers: Yin Linlin, Yu Qiongjie, Zhang Zhiqi, Bai Fengkun, Zhu Yingchun, Wang Guangfu, Sun Xiaoxi, Sun Wenbin, Zhou Chen, Pan Yanrong, Ma Shirui, Shao Nian and illustrator Tian Dongming, together with four paper partners Antalis, Yeyu Quanxing, Fedrigoni and Liyang Paper, as well as Founder Fonts, and created twelve red envelopes and a calendar with the title of “In me the tiger sniffs the rose”.


The designers injected their own inspiration and creativity into the blind-selected papers, and then make them through the exquisite process of Artron Printing Services, and finally bring you a refreshing gift box of red envelopes and calendar.