Gentle and Elegant – Women and Femininity in Ancient China

Award of “The Beauty of Books in China”, 2015

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In 2015, the Nanjing Museum launched the “Gentle and Elegant – Women and Femininity in Ancient China,” allowing the audience catch a glimpse of the true appearance of ancient women.The book includes artifacts from the exhibition, such as items from the palace and those used by common women, and artistic creations 🎨, but also contains several profound articles.

The book’s title conceals the character “婉” (graceful) within the character “温” (gentle), evoking classical and implicit aesthetics.The book is divided into four chapters: “Shaping Women,” “Women’s Daily Life,” “Talented Women in Arts,” and “Elegance in Writing,” fully showcasing the elegance and gracefulness of women.The entire book is filled with a delicate and strong feminine temperament, creating an ambiance where the female psyche oscillates between concealment and exposure.The inner pages are designed in a cherry blossom pink and willow green theme, with elegant accordion folds, presenting a refined and graceful style.