Artron Large-format Books



Artron Large-format Book is an art book installation solution that can show the user’s identity in order to meet the needs of high-end individuals or institutions for display, collection and gift giving. Artron Large-format Books can accommodate the contents of ten exhibitions, providing customers with the best exhibition retrospective experience and historical records. We advocate putting the exhibition into a book, and a book is an exhibition that never ends!
Our design of the big book and the spirit of artisans throughout have created the Artron Large-format Books with strong visual effects. In order to ensure the firmness and smoothness of the cover, we choose a 7 mm density board to make the cover, and the fine Dutch fine cloth  and high-quality imported canvas are used as surface mounting materials. And provide a variety of highly customized design solutions.
Artron’s technology has truly realized the “advanced customization” of the book industry. Not only can the content, layout design and binding style be made according to the needs of customers, but nano-scale on-demand printing, which is different from traditional printing, ensures the high quality of products.
In modern life surrounded by digital  reading, paper reading is becoming more and more precious. The book is the carrier that can best express the five senses of reading, and it is also the development trend of paper reading in the future.Therefore, when we make each Artron Large-format Book, we will attach a unique limited number and signature to it, even the limited printed  works of the artist, making each Artron Large-format Book a unique and precious existence, and it is the first choice in the collection.