Print-On-Demand Service

Small-lot, individualized, multi-frequency and high-quality printing according to customer demands

Print-On-Demand is becoming a new direction and market trend with its personalized features. Artron can help the customers to have the high-quality POD products with the support of integrated innovative technology, professional production management system and our customization craftsmanship, provide more possibility with artistic color expression and more diversity of printing materials compared to traditional printing, give full play to the driving force of new technology, carry out high-quality personalized on-demand customization, and create technical and quality advantages with artistic characteristics: one-book-printing, rich paper, wide color gamut, flexible size, diverse product forms, etc., so as to meet the needs of artists, art institutions and high-end commercial brands.

Our Works

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  • Chinese People
  • Chinese Peking Opera
  • Equation of Time

    Premier Print Benny Award from the Printing Industries of America (PIA),2016