Distinguishing Art Book Printing

from Trade Book Printing (Part III)

Graphic Design

The previous article compared the printing differences between trade books and art books from the two dimensions of paper and printing technology. This article will continue to understand the printing differences in Graphic Design.


Trade Books

Standard Cover: Trade books may have custom designed covers, but the materials and printing techniques used are usually less sophisticated than those used for art books. The cover design may be simpler and may not fully reflect the content or subject matter of the book.

Art Books

Customized Covers: Art books often come with custom designed covers that use premium materials and printing techniques to create a strong visual impact. The cover design can attract readers and reflect the theme and style of the art book.


Trade Books

Common Binding: Trade books often use common binding methods, such as softcover or perfect binding, which are more economical but may not provide the same durability or aesthetics. These binding methods may be more susceptible to damage and may not add additional visual appeal to trade books.

Art Books

Elegant Bindings: Art books often use more elaborate binding methods, such as hardcover, thread binding, or open-back binding, to enhance their beauty and durability. These binding methods can better protect the pages and add a luxurious feel to art books.

book spine with book title
art book binding with leather