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Environment Protection|January 21, 2021

Founded in 1993, Artron Art (Group) Co., Ltd. (“Artron”) is a comprehensive culture and art digital-service enterprise. While providing art services, Artron never forgets to fulfill its social duty of “green, energy saving, low-carbon, environment-friendly”. As early as 2014, it was awarded the title of “Low-carbon Model Enterprise” by the Climate Department of the National Development and Reform Commission and the Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government jointly. It takes the environment-friendly concepts first in the practice of industrial water treatment, waste gas treatment, energy conservation, waste disposal and other aspects.


From the beginning of the new building, Artron had carefully designed and planned everything, fully considered the green and environment-friendly office, and tried to create a comfortable art space and environment-friendly space, particularly in resource allocation and recycling.


Glass curtain wall is designed to provide a good view of landscape and the maximum natural lighting effect for the working environment, while minimizing the energy consumption of daytime lighting


Wastes are classified and recycled subject to the categories of office materials. All classified hazardous wastes are handed over to the hazardous waste treatment stations with national recognized qualifications for harmless treatment, and almost all recyclables are recycled to resource recycling companies to achieve the purpose of resource recycling.


Artron runs on the perspective of environmental management, devotes itself to studying and improving environment-friendly measures, establishes an environment working group, and constantly excavates and improves the potential from the aspects of design, planning, materials, equipment, technology and process, so as to contribute more efforts of environmental protection to the society.


In terms of infrastructure integration, Artron adopts centralized water supply, ink supply and gas supply systems to save resources to the greatest extent.


Centralized water supply


Centralized gas supply


In terms of harmless treatment of waste water, for the waste water from printing room, the circulating treatment system of development waste liquid and processing water is used to purify and recycle the developing solution and supplementary solution of CTP publishing, which can pump 87.5% of the purified water through the water tank into the processing machine for plate processing, and the remaining 12.5% of the concentrated solution is delivered to a company with state-recognized qualifications for non-toxic treatment; For the industrial wastewater, Artron introduced advanced and efficient microbial waste gas treatment technology, which will treat the wastewater and finally meet the requirements of non-toxic, harmless and environment-friendly discharge through bio-degradation, disinfection and sterilization, and avoid secondary pollution to the environment.


The circulating treatment system of development waste liquid and processing water.


In terms of waste gas treatment, Artron Shenzhen adopts efficient microbial waste gas treatment system, Artron Beijing adopts activated carbon waste gas treatment system, and Artron Shanghai adopts plasma UV photo-degradation waste gas treatment system. The Artron subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen generate a total of 125,000 m3/h of waste gas, including 50,000 m3/h from Artron Shenzhen, 50,000 m3/h from Artron Beijing and 25,000 m3/h from Artron Shanghai. Counted on daily operation of 22 hours, the total daily treatment capacity of waste gas for Artron shall be 0.125×22 = 2.75 million m3/day.


Based on the “People-oriented” principle, the industrial waste gas is exhausted from the workshops, so as to provide a healthy and green working environment. After treatment, the industrial waste gas meets the industrial waste gas emission standard the Integrated Emission Standard of Air Pollution stipulated by the state and local environmental protection departments. Artron has established a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment and residents.


In terms of noise treatment, in addition to using the central air supply system to reduce the noise in the workshops, Artron also took measures such as installing sound insulation panels in the workshops and using the central air conditioning system to reduce the noise.


Artron workshops


Artron attaches great importance to the greenization of materials and equipment: using CTP platemaking to replace film platemaking, which greatly reduces resource consumption; fully using water-based laminator to replace oil-based laminator, which avoids the generation of harmful gas VOCs and provides green and environment-friendly products to the greatest extent; using digital proofing to replace traditional proofing, which reduces resource consumption and environmental harm; and providing automatic cleaning device on the printing machine, which realizes automatic cleaning of blanket and ink roller and reduces pollution.


Meanwhile, Artron also uses alcohol free fountain solution to replace alcoholic fountain solution, which reduces VOCs discharge; uses environment-friendly laminated adhesive, which significantly reduces VOCs discharge and provides high-quality, green and safe products; and extensively uses sustainable (FSC) forest certified paper and recycled paper with recycled pulp accounting for more than 30%.


Artron has established a green laboratory and introduced GC-MS testing equipment to test the materials, semi-finished products and finished products, exclude any material containing Phthalates 6P, VOCs and excess bromine from Artron’s products from the material source. At the same time, the process is well controlled to fully realize green printing and cleaner production.


Artron green laboratory


Artron’s enthusiasm for environment protection is not limited to its products, but also integrated into practice. So far, it has received the certification of ISO 14001 environmental management system, certification of FSC/COC forest production and marketing chain system, certification of green printing, etc.


Artron promotes environment protection with practice and calls for environment protection with action! Artron has been taking an active part in the cause of environment protection for many years, promoting the low-carbon, environment-friendly and green lifestyle and new ideas, and contributing in practice to the cause of environment protection.