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China's Most Beautiful Costume Series: Splended Mamian Skirt

Convey the beauty of Comtume

"The Most Beautiful Chinese Costumes Series - Splendid Mamian Skirt" is a labor of love by Professor Jia Xizeng from the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, and Gao Wenjing from the Tsinghua University Art Museum. This book employs literature, images, and artifacts to comprehensively explore the Mamian Skirt, from its origins to its stylistic evolution. It features detailed descriptions of 106 Mamian Skirts and includes 200 high-definition images of intricate pattern structures. The appendix presents 198 traditional colors in a swatch format, creating the first edition of the "Splendid National Colors" swatch. It also catalogs over 80 Mamian Skirts from 20 Ming Dynasty tombs and existing collections, forming a comprehensive artifact directory.

Published by Donghua University Press and printed by Artron, this book showcases superior printing craftsmanship. The cover is printed on fabric with a textured weaving technique, highlighting the intricate embroidery of the Mamian Skirt under various lighting conditions. The interior pages use 280-line screen printing technology, achieving a dot size of 20 microns, resulting in extraordinarily fine and dot-free images that meticulously reproduce every detail of the Mamian Skirts.